Resume Book

Bloomberg has reached out to us with an interest in a compiled résumé book from all our members.  This is something that the E-Board will also hold onto for future referral opportunities. Please ONLY submit your résumé if it has been approved by either SOM Career Services or our E-Board.  If you need us to approve your résumé, please email it to us ASAP so we can review it in time to include it in the book.

Please fill out the form HERE if you would like your résumé to be included in the book.

The deadline to fill out this form is Sunday, 10/28 at 11 PM.

WIB Apparel

Very last call on the Women in Business Apparel! The deadline to have all t-shirt orders and money in will be October 18, 2018 at our Ribbon Sale at the Marketplace from 12PM - 4PM. If you would still like to purchase a t-shirt for $15.00, please fill out this BINDING order form HERE. Purchasing a shirt will result in 3 membership points!
Please email or ASAP if you cannot hand in the cash on October 18, 2018 between 12PM - 4PM.

Women in Business Fall Apparel

One of our fellow WIB members has created an awesome t-shirt design that will be going on a retro t-shirt! The t-shirts are going to be around $15.00 and we will be collecting order money at our next meeting on September 27, 2018 at 6PM-7PM.

Click Here to fill out the binding form to purchase one of our BWiB retro t-shirts!