BWiB Hosts EY Panel

Last Monday BWiB hosted our Annual EY Panel where EY Professionals and the audience had a great discussion about women in the professional world. A topic of discussion was the book Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook. EY's Head Recruiter for the Americas, Natasha Stough, spoke to BWiB members about her favorite, most moving chapters, which included It's a Jungle Gym, not a Ladder, Don't Leave Before you Leave, Are You My Mentor?, and Make your Partner a Real Partner. We ended the conversation by speaking about what we could all do, women and men, to close the gender gab. Stough gave some advice on the matter, she told the audience "it's the small things", support women-owned businesses, build your network, have an awareness of your own biases towards other and "leave them at the door", and most importantly, support and encourage one another (and read Lean In)! The Audience and the BWiB E-Board then gave some tips on how to make the world and the workplace a more equal place for women, find a mentor and mentor others, don't get discouraged, take on leadership roles, and leverage your resources. We ended the event with open networking and some members even left with their very own copies of Lean In! We hope everyone took away something from our event with EY and had a great time!