Interested in becoming part of WIB E-Board?

Last week to Apply for Next Year’s E-Board!!!!!
Resume submissions for BWiB's next year's E-Board positions are due this Friday, March 10th (we have extended the deadline). Please list in your resume submission e-mail which positions you are most interested in.

Requirements to run for E-Board:

  • You must be a General Member by the end of this semester

  • You must send your resume to our Women in Business e-mail by March 10th

  • Candidates must meet with the E-Board to learn more about what we do and the position you are interested in

  • Candidates must shadow and meet the E-board several times before the end of this semester

Elections will be held the week of April 23rd.

Descriptions of the E-Board positions and their respective responsibilities are detailed in our last e-mail.   

Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions.

New Members: After attending each event that fulfills or partially fulfills a new membership requirement please visit our website to get credit, you will not receive credit by signing in at our events. Please follow this link to learn about how to become a general member!

General Members: Please follow this link to learn about how to keep your general member status!