Next Year's E-Board Positions

Towards the end of this semester we will be holding elections for next year's E-Board. Here are the requirements to run for an E-Board position:

  • Be an Active Member by the end of this semester

  • You must send your resume and a brief letter of intent to

    • In the letter please tell us 1.) Why you want to be a part of the BWiB E-Board and 2.) What ideas, skills, or events do you plan to add to the E-board and Women in Business as a whole

  • Meet with the E-Board to learn more about what we do and the position you are interested in.

Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions. In order to run, you must send us your resume by by Monday March 12th. Elections will be held the week of April 9th.Please attend our upcoming events, such as the ice cream social, to learn more about each position. Note: You do not need to know what position you would like to run for to apply. Just send in your application and then once you have decided on the position you would like to run for, we will have you attend some of our E-Board meetings in order to learn the inner workings of the club.