Membership Deadline is Wednesday, May 1st!

For prospective members: The official deadline to have all 15 of your membership points, your networking call, and resume approved is Wednesday, May 1st at 11:59pm.

For active members: The official deadline to have all 15 of your membership points is also Wednesday, May 1st at 11:59pm.

View your current points here.

Need some more points?

3 points - Attend more WiB events throughout the rest of the semester!

1 point - One point per follow | Instagram: @bu_wib | Facebook: @BinghamtonWIB | Get credit for this point here!

Need a Networking Phone Call?

All prospective members must complete this phone call in order to be inducted at the end of the semester! Use this list to find contacts of professionals and alumni that previous WIB members have used when they did their networking call. View these slides to learn how your initial email to the professional should look. When you’re done with the phone call, fill out this form to get membership credit.

For Prospective Members

  1. Must obtain 15 member requirement points.

  2. Complete one networking call with a professional and complete this mandatory form.

  3. Have your resume approved by SOM Career Services, or BWiB E-Board.

For Current Members

  • Must obtain 15 active member points

Get credit for your resume, networking call, and membership points HERE!