Membership Requirements Overview

In order to become a General Member of Women in Business, a Prospective Member must complete the Membership Requirements over the course of one semester; completed requirements do not roll over to the following semester. Inductions are held each semester at our banquet.

Prospective Members

Membership Requirements include:

  • Must obtain 15 member requirement points

  • Make one networking phone call

  • Have résumé approved by SOM Career Services. If the Member Prospect is not in the School of Management, she must have her résumé approved by the current Women in Business Executive Board.

See what membership requirements you have completed here. Please note, this list is the data output from the requirements form above.

Current Members

  • In order to maintain General Member status, current members must obtain 15 active member points by the end of the semester.

    To view your form submissions (see how many points you have recorded) see this excel spreadsheet.